How much does a website cost to have designed and constructed?
There is no set figure because every website has it's own individual requirements and character.
We design websites from as little as £250.00.


Do you provide hosting?
Yes. All our websites are hosted on our dedicated server.

Do you register domain names?
Yes. We register domain names in the name of the client. You're paying for it, therefore you should be listed as the legal owner. If you choose to move your services away, we will transfer your domain name to your new provider free of charge.

Do you provide Email accounts?
Yes. We can set up your email accounts for you.

How is my website maintained.
When we build a website we maintain and update it free of charge for the first 12 months.
2nd and subsequent years we offer a maintenance contract which includes hosting fees and unlimited updates throughout the year. Detail available on request.

Where will my website be listed.
This is the hardest part of the project to predict. Generally a website constructed by us will be listed with all the major search engines within 6 months, however, we do offer a 'fast track' system to get your website featured quicker and higher in the search engines. Click here for more details on this service.